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Healthcare is in the midst of revolutionary transformation that impacts a diverse spectrum of industries. Strategically Well helps leaders across multiple sectors define the future with a unique business-minded synergy of clinical, operational, and design experience. Our uncommon strategic questions unlock new growth opportunities and provide focused aim for organizations seeking to accelerate impact within the dynamics of the modern healthcare market.

Strategically Well Clients
Strategically Well Clients
Strategically Well Clients

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

— Steve Jobs

Swedish Issaquah Campus
Issaquah, Washington
The How of Strategically Well - Your Strategic Thinking Partner

The How of Strategically Well

Healthcare is a complex market. The fundamental economic drivers are often distorted by a confusing matrix of misaligned incentives and unintuitive cultural traditions. What various stakeholders personally desire may not be technically possible or financially affordable. The diverse “tribes” within the healthcare ecosystem rarely share a common worldview or even speak the same language. Any of these elements can easily derail even the best laid strategic plan or innovative project. Health system executives, clinical leaders, facility designers, developers, and entrepreneurs all struggle to navigate this multidimensional tempest.

Strategically Well provides the solution. As a strategic thinking partner, we represent a unique nexus of clinical, design, and business experience that leverages modern neuroscience theory to accelerate healthcare strategy to the next level. Our experience helps clients efficiently engage a diverse range of stakeholders from the bedside, to the boardroom, to the design charrette. We speak the language. We navigate the culture. We inspire fresh creativity. We put the puzzle pieces together. Ultimately our unique insight provides clients with a competitive market edge that accelerates operational efficiency, elevates human-centric design, illuminates strategic opportunities, drives bottom-line profit, and creates exponential value.

“Design creates culture.
Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future.”

— Robert L. Peters

Swedish Issaquah Campus
Issaquah, Washington

A Deeper Glimpse

Significant untapped opportunity exists to win the future of healthcare. Uncommon strategic questions have the opportunity to unlock new growth opportunities and position organizations to preemptively realize this amazing future.

With an open intellectual curiosity, we focus on the human experience within healthcare. The tension between what is personally desired, what is technically feasible, and what is economically viable. How the interplay of architecture, economics, technology, and operational systems impact individuals, communities and populations.

This site gives you a glimpse of the increasingly important strategic questions we seek to ask and how we approach delivering unique value to our clients. In recent years our team has:

  • Led development of a virtual multispecialty clinic concept that focused on architectural design as a driver for organizational culture. Five years after implementation, the concept had catalyzed a unique integrated physician culture, resulted in higher space-utilization efficiency, and provided the flexibility needed for rapid market growth.

  • Partnered with a technology company to rethink marketing strategies for its existing product line in order to adapt to evolving healthcare economic trends and improve overall physician adoption of its services.

  • Engaged with the leadership of a medical group to review and validate a final clinic design already approved by stakeholders. The process rapidly identified and redesigned fundamental operational flaws, which would have cost millions in staff efficiency over the life of the clinic.

  • Partnered with a large urban hospital system to engage community stakeholders in the development of a novel ambulatory strategy to relieve access issues following the closure of an aging acute care hospital. The integrated strategy, which included development of a large ambulatory care center, sparked economic revitalization of the local neighborhood.

  • Embedded with a regional architectural firm as a member of the proposed design team for a replacement hospital project. The integration of a senior-level physician to facilitate stakeholder engagement provided the firm with a unique competitive advantage.

  • Worked with a local real estate developer to initiate master planning of a wellness focused lifestyle development including hotel, retail, fitness, complimentary medicine and residential components.

We invite you to download our Executive Foresight Series to gain an even deeper glimpse into the thinking of Strategically Well.

Please click here for access to the Executive Foresight Library.


Architecture: A Crucible for Culture /

Architecture: A Crucible for Culture

Organizational culture is shaped by the built environment in which it exists. Savvy designers can harness architecture as a tool for cultural formation.

Strategic Visioning Toolkit

Strategic Visioning Toolkit

Strategic vision defines the foundation of every project. This structured toolkit assists designers in aligning stakeholder vision and examining design elements through a patient-centric lens.

Focused Factories:  Healthcare’s Industrial Revolution

Focused Factories: Healthcare’s Industrial Revolution

The assembly line transformed manufacturing over a century ago. What lessons can modern healthcare learn from Henry Ford’s manufacturing revolution?

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.”

— Buckminster Fuller

Swedish Issaquah Campus
Issaquah, Washington

Who We Are

We are a team of strategists, clinicians, entrepreneurs, designers, futurists, operators, psychologists, researchers and analysts. Our shared passion is transforming the way people experience healthcare.

Principal & Founder

John S. Milne, MD, MBA, FACEP

John Milne formerly served as a Vice President of Medical Affairs for Swedish Health Systems in Seattle, Washington. He led the clinical development and strategic design for one of the most innovative new hospitals in the country, the award-winning Swedish Issaquah Campus, along with the organization’s integrated ambulatory growth strategy. Dr. Milne has deep expertise in the design and operation of human-centered ambulatory care delivery systems and population-level health initiatives. A board-certified emergency physician with a masters in business leadership, he partners with health systems, architects, developers, and technologists from across the country to transform the next-level future of healthcare delivery.

“In the midst of dynamic transformation, visionary leaders discover unique strategic opportunities.”

John S. Milne

John S. Milne, MD, MBA, FACEP

Swedish Issaquah Campus
Issaquah, Washington

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